Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out Meld? 

Convert layer to black & white
You can create a black & white layer from a colour image by pushing the "saturation" all the way down and pushing the "contrast" and "exposure" to taste. 

Swap/change the layer order
You have the ability to swap the order of the layers via the "swap" button found between each layer in the layer list. Only exception to this is that the base layer can not be swapped with the layer above.

Show the Layer List in a single swipe
Did you know that you can use the standard sidebar swipe gesture to reveal the layer list sidebar. 

Why not save as you go
As you get more savvy with MELD and start doing more complicated blends and masking, it's important to take advantage of the "Save" feature. If you have done a lot of time consuming work to get the image just right and you are at a point where you are happy with - why not save.

Export Sizes for high-end devices
Via "Settings" you do have the ability to change the export size (requires app to restart).

For Android:
As you increase the output size the overhead and memory required increases and can cause instability with your app due to your devices memory limitations - more so on Android since each device is different. If you see issues with your app or it crashes please reduce the output size!

The reason for this is that most Android devices are quite constrained in memory since applications are not allowed to use all of that available memory. We therefore have to make do with what is given to us from Android. We will continue to push the boundaries of these memory constrained devices and will continue research and improve our app where we can.

More Coming Soon...

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