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Anonymous 6 months ago 0

Dear, I can't purchase your app now, but I would. I just need to know of it supports:

Editing of alpha channel 
Layers with blending

Please reply ASAP


Would love to be able to Copy layer

Quentin 2 years ago 0

As the title says, would love to be able to copy layers. Particularly when I've resized and moves am image when adding, this would remove a lot of guesswork.


Masking Updates

Gery Teague 2 years ago 0

Great app, but there are some issues with Masking I'd like to discuss:

  • Please add mask scaling/positioning. The masks are all square shaped and can't be scaled/positioned which makes applying a mask to anything but a square image ugly
  • Please add custom masks. I would love to load black/white or greyscale images to be used as a custom mask, this would allow me to be much more creative.

Thanks again for the great app.


The app is not working properly on my phone , I paid for nothing I think.

Selson 2 years ago 0

plz help me to fix it , coz I ant gon lose my money like that .


Isn't there any update

Yaitte 2 years ago 0

No undo button

Anonymous 2 years ago 0

Please add an undo button. I hate going from the beginning when i make a simple mistake


having fun but offer three ideas

Anonymous 3 years ago 0

three ideas: 1) a square eraser tool. 2) the ability to undo just your last erase (for accidental touches) 3) the ability to erase all of one color from a layer. ex. use a dropper - pick a color.

cool app I'm having fun with it. the layers stop after 4 right? maybe the ability to add more layers would be nice? last question, what does the erase thing do on the erase screen. pencil, brush, eraser that I can't quite figure out. thanks


When the new image is imported I don't like it automatically being cropped square. It should start uncropped. Also, time to catch up to full resolution. 2048 won't cut it!

Anonymous 3 years ago 0

when a new image is imported I don't like that it is automatically cropped square. Then I have to select 4:3 and uncropped it. It should start out uncropped. Also, it's time to catch up to full resolution. 2048 won't cut it


Black screen

Anonymous 3 years ago 0

When i done masking my edits the screen suddenly goes black and i cant make it reappear i have to exit the app and start over again. I've wasted 2 hours just for a black screen wow


Black screen

Anonymous 3 years ago 0
Hey, for the second time now mid edit with lots of fine masking the screen has just gone black? I can't seem to make the layers appear and I can only quit the app and lose the edit for it to go back to normal. Wondering if you've seen this already?


How to add text to the picture?

Anonymous 4 years ago 0

Its not easy to mask. Would be nice if it was easier.

Anonymous 4 years ago 0


Anonymous 4 years ago 0
when I insert a transaparent it turns all white where I cut out

Recommended for iPad? Better for android?

Anonymous 4 years ago 0
Noticed no ratings and only one negative comment in App Store but many in play store. Usually use my 2nd gen iPad for edits. Wanna check the app out. A free trial version would be ideal...?


Anonymous 4 years ago 0
every time i choose a pic it redirects me to meld main menu which has library, ideas and camera pleass fix this
Under review

can not bring pics from library. can not use this. i wan

Anonymous 4 years ago • updated by Meld Support Team 4 years ago 1
Hi There, 

Thanks for getting in touch and we really do apologise for the issue you are having. This problem is a rare case specific to a couple device/OS combination and we are currently investigating this. Any help you can give us so that we can track it down would be greatly appreciated. Can you please provide the answers to the following questions when you reporting a bug:

What exact device are you working on? 
galaxy 3

What software version is your device running? Also, did you recently update the OS?
i updated. latest version

What is the version of Meld you are currently running? 
downloaded just now. its newest.

4.) How long have you been using the Meld app now?
since always

5.) Is this problem new since a recent update of the Meld app?

6.) What export size are you using and have you recently changed this?

7.) Anything else that you think may help?
i want my money back.


We look forward to getting more details from you and sorting this out for you.