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Masking Updates

Gery Teague 2 years ago 0

Great app, but there are some issues with Masking I'd like to discuss:

  • Please add mask scaling/positioning. The masks are all square shaped and can't be scaled/positioned which makes applying a mask to anything but a square image ugly
  • Please add custom masks. I would love to load black/white or greyscale images to be used as a custom mask, this would allow me to be much more creative.

Thanks again for the great app.

Under review

why the app cant import my pic from library.

Anonymous 4 years ago • updated by Meld Support Team 4 years ago 1
its back to main menu. waisted my money

Would love to be able to Copy layer

Quentin 2 years ago 0

As the title says, would love to be able to copy layers. Particularly when I've resized and moves am image when adding, this would remove a lot of guesswork.


No undo button

Anonymous 2 years ago 0

Please add an undo button. I hate going from the beginning when i make a simple mistake


The zooming while masking is annoying.

Anonymous 4 years ago • updated by Meld Support Team 4 years ago 1
The zooming while masking is annoying because if you don't place both fingers down on the image(one finger on the blanks space around the image), the app only recognizes that one finger has touched down and will make you erase or draw on the mask often. Fixing this would make a world of difference. Also, in these situations, an undo button would help immensely. Very promising app otherwise.
Under review

app can't process

Anonymous 4 years ago • updated by Nutthanun Yammontra 4 years ago 2
When I chose photo form library,take photo

App back to title screen.

Freedom of rotating overlays

Anonymous 4 years ago • updated by Meld Support Team 4 years ago 4
Hey guys! I would to see a freedom of rotating overlays using our finger to twist n turn the overlays from the packs. I can only rotate it using the button but after that the overlays is locked. I cant move it to adjust to the desired positon. I love the idea of mask shape mode! However i cant resize how big or small i want the shape mask to be..
Under review

Type function & Magic wand

Anonymous 4 years ago • updated by Meld Support Team 4 years ago 1
A function to add in type and also to use type as a mask will be great and adds to the functionality of the Meld app. 

Also a magic wand type selection tool for the masking function would be recommended. 


Anonymous 4 years ago 0
every time i choose a pic it redirects me to meld main menu which has library, ideas and camera pleass fix this