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can not bring pics from library. can not use this. i wan

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Meld Support Team 3 years ago 1
Hi There, 

Thanks for getting in touch and we really do apologise for the issue you are having. This problem is a rare case specific to a couple device/OS combination and we are currently investigating this. Any help you can give us so that we can track it down would be greatly appreciated. Can you please provide the answers to the following questions when you reporting a bug:

What exact device are you working on? 
galaxy 3

What software version is your device running? Also, did you recently update the OS?
i updated. latest version

What is the version of Meld you are currently running? 
downloaded just now. its newest.

4.) How long have you been using the Meld app now?
since always

5.) Is this problem new since a recent update of the Meld app?

6.) What export size are you using and have you recently changed this?

7.) Anything else that you think may help?
i want my money back.


We look forward to getting more details from you and sorting this out for you.

Under review
Hi There...

We really do apologise for the issue you are having. Please email us at support@madewithmeld.com and we'll sort this out for you straight away. We need to get some details from you before we issue the refund.

Could you please tell us what model Galaxy 3 you have (eg. GT-I9300[T])?

ALso, can you tell us the exact Android OS version?

The MELD Support Team